R.M.M Team

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The R.M.M Team

is divided into 4 main divisions spread over the company’s two branches.

RMM Building Supplies

R.M.M’s structure is centered on encouraging team participation and growth in all areas of the company. The values instilled in all of R.M.M’s teams are taught from top level management through to junior staff members to ensure a consistent culture throughout the organisation. At R.M.M, the culture encouraged to all members is one of strength, courage, creativity, personal growth, hard work and superior service.

Each member of R.M.M’s team is encouraged to bring their ideas forward and allow all possible solutions to be explored for any challenge the company may face. R.M.M’s management has realized that not all challenges can be effectively solved from the top management down, but instead more constructive solutions are developed when all team members’ views are explored no matter their position in the company.

Through a flatter structure, R.M.M strives to create an enjoyable work environment for its entire staff to ensure better work performance and less staff turnover. R.M.M does so by adopting an open door policy for all of its team members.

R.M.M’s team members are given extra responsibilities that go beyond their job description. This helps to facilitate growth in each team member’s life beyond the work environment. This will help team members gain the skills and personal growth necessary to allow them the tools for life success.

R.M.M’s team falls under four main umbrellas that all integrate to avoid silos within R.M.M’s structures. The team is spread between R.M.M’s headquarters, brick manufacturing plant and second branch, salvage operations and sand quarries. Within each team is a branch manager. Each manager controls each function within the specific areas of the organisation.