RMM Salvage




R.M.M’s vision in undertaking the Salvage division is to turn all customers’ unwanted roof and building material from their sites under renovation into cash. The idea is to bridge the gap between clearing customer’s sites efficiently and effectively while gaining them some cash back at no hassle or extra cost. This will ensure that client’s projects may continue without delays. Worrying about storage, hiring of trucks to transport unwanted material and the hassle to sell the material will be a problem of the past with R.M.M Salvage Operations.

Unlike R.M.M’s competitors, R.M.M will not charge to salavage, collect and transport the stripped and removed building material. All that the customer would need to do is strip the site under renovation and we will do the rest for you.

A representative from R.M.M will evaluate and determine a fair price for the materials on site, such as I.B.R/ corrugated roof sheeting, Roof tiles, door frames, window frames, glass, electrical, plumbing, wood etc. At this point, a date will be set for the collection of the agreed, stripped and intact material to be collected and transported away within a day or two depending on the size of the project.

On the day the material is to be collected, clients will be compensated in CASH for their goods. Please note however that we will not be able to buy and transport any rubble from site.

Who knew that the material taking up space and holding back customer’s projects would generate them some cash before their project even begins, at absolutely no expense to the customer?


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