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SINCE 1995

RMM Building Supplies

From its humble beginnings in 1995, R.M.M has a proud long standing history. The organisation is a proudly family owned business, which has grown from only one truck, a loader and a small hardware store, operating only within the Midrand region of Gauteng, to a high capacity building material supplier across the Gauteng Metropolis. With its roots firmly held in a growing market, R.M.M expanded and opened its new premises in Glen Austin. This became the headquarters of R.M.M and is now home to 65 permanent staff members.
R.M.M is owned by Miguel De Abreu who is the sole member of the corporation. With a vision to integrate the business innovatively and for the benefit of R.M.M’s customers, Miguel decided to expand into opening a brick yard and quarry at R.M.M’s second branch on Summit Road in the Blue Hills area. Upon commencement, the first brick plant began producing cement stocks and maxi bricks to supplement Headquarters’ brick supply. Two years down the line, Miguel again invested in a second brick plant as well as another sand screening plant at the premises to increase capacity and fully integrate supply of bricks and sand for the company.

The brick yard has now grown to introduce a second hardware store, another rib and block plant, an additional sand screening plant as well as a secondhand salvage yard. The salvage yard buys and sells secondhand building materials in order to help recycle usable building material and tap into a much broader and larger market of price sensitive customers adding to the group of companies.

Today, R.M.M continues to innovate and grow its capabilities into sand removal projects, improved efficiencies and better processes in order to continue improving its core value of superior customer service.