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R.M.M collects sand and stone from building sites that require large scale excavations. The sand is loaded and taken to the Summit Road branch where it is then processed through two sand screening plants. To date, R.M.M is able to extract, collect, process and stock pile, from these alternative sources, fine brown building sand, plaster sand, G4, and backfill.

In addition to R.M.M’s operations at its Summit road branch, a new sand screening plant, specifically for plaster sand, has recently been commissioned in Bapsfotein about 45 minutes out of Midrand. At this site, R.M.M has secured a large volume of quality plaster sand which will sustain the supply of plaster sand for a few years to come as plaster sand supplies from the Vaal region are currently diminishing.

If companies are in the process of clearing sites, digging foundations and building large projects, R.M.M has the capacity to clear the sand and stone taking up space on sites in an efficient manner at no cost to the client. Depending on the type and quality of sand available from excavations, R.M.M’s fleet of 6,12 and 20 cube tipper trucks will be able to load and clear the material without a hassle.

R.M.M stocks additional varieties of sand and stone including, river sand, compost, topsoil, 13mm stone and 19mm stone.


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